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The establishment of Premier Security Co-operative Ltd in March 1984 was a landmark in the history of Co-operative movement in Singapore. Two major Co-operatives – the Singapore Police Co-operative Society Ltd and the Singapore Government Staff Credit Co-operative Society Ltd – pooled their resources to venture into the business of providing higher grade security services. Nine other co-operatives are now our Institutional Members, thereby giving us a very strong financial base with close to $3.5 million paid up capital.

Premier Security’s main objective is to put to good use the valuable experience and knowledge of retired Police and Armed Forces officers and provide value-added physical security services across various industries to the satisfaction of our clients.

Premier Security addresses the general recognition that a country’s development and its well-being go hand-in-hand with a safe and secure environment in which to live and attract business.

It is therefore easy to understand why the managerial, supervisory and a fair percentage of ground personnel of Premier Security come from the Police, Army or related uniformed services. It remains our policy to give priority in recruiting ex-services personnel. The outcome is a tightly-knit, highly effective corps of trained personnel with an unmatched wealth of skill and experience to offer and serve our clients

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision is to be The Choice Security Services Provider.
Our Mission is to Provide Reliable and Professional Security Services to our Clients

Our Core Values : Service-oriented
                             Team work

Corporate Profile
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