We have the expertise to provide the following services:
  1. Security guard services
  2. Goods escort services
  3. Security audit
  4. 24-hour security monitoring
  5. Security Advisory & Consultancy Services

Our staffs are a tightly-knit, highly effective corps of trained personnel with an unmatched wealth of skills and expertise, because of our recruitment policy of according priority to ex-services personnel. These retired personnel from the Police and Armed Forces bring with them invaluable and extensive knowledge that enables us to provide value-added physical security services across various industries. We are committed to understanding and fulfilling our clients’ needs and fervently strive to achieve excellence in every area of our business and services.



Premier Security Co-Operative Limited

33 Sam Leong Road
Premier Security Building
Singapore 207923

TEL: 6291 9866
FAX: 6291 3709


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