Our Partnership

Premier Security Co-operative Ltd diversifies its portfolio by assessing risks and analyzing challenges experienced by different industry sectors. We customize the services suited by our clients in a swift and comprehensive manner that makes use the choice security service provider.

Steered towards excellence, we embark on a journey with you to provide leading professional standards. In a highly demanding environment, Premier Security grasps on the security requirements from different sectors across Singapore.

With our vast experience in handling different sectors, this allows us to understand our clients and bridge our partnership with our clients for the long haul. As a result, this enables us to customize your security solution needs through a 360 spectrum.

Our Expertise

Our vast industry expertise includes:

  • Commercial buildings
  • International schools
  • Local education institutions
  • Resort security
  • Casino security
  • Government infrastructures and institutions
  • Public transport sector
  • Dormitories
  • Hospitals and medical institutions
  • Residential housing security
  • Data centers