Improving Lives

Improving Lives

Another security company pledges to implement the Progressive Wage Model to improve the lives of its workers.
19 Oct 2018

The Union of Security Employees (USE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with one of its unionised companies, Premier Security Co-operative Limited, in support of the Progressive Wage Model (PWM).

Management representatives of Premier Security came together with USE President Hareederpal Singh and Executive Secretary Steve Tan to sign the MOU on 9 July 2014 at Premier Security’s office in Sam Leong Street.

Doing its part
When the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for the security sector takes effect later this year, the company would have done its part by stepping up ahead to increase the basic wages of all its security officers by an average of $250 since April 2014.

Premier Security Managing Director, William Seak shared that the company is delighted to sign the MOU with the union “to show our support for the whole push by the tripartite partners to improve the industry (through the PWM).”

At the same time, Premier Security has also pledged its support for the Progressive Wage Incentive (PWI) – an incentive to support $50 million worth of contract value for early adopters of best sourcing. Service buyers, such as Premier Security, may receive up to 10% of funding of contract value, capped at $150,000.

“Premier Security is supporting the PWI because being a service provider ourselves, we can understand the difficulties of the cleaning industry in attracting manpower. Moving from a headcount-based contract to an outcome-based contract helps to increase productivity and wages for the workers,” said Mr Seak.

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