The Work is Getting Tougher

The work is getting tougher, says veteran security officer

The Straits Times
6 Dec 2021

Mr Yusof Salleh is among the most senior officers still on active duty. With about 40 years of security experience under his belt – and another 25 earlier as a police officer – he says he has mastered the art of staying calm in the face of tense situations, simply stating that that is part and parcel of the job.

Tall, lean and spry, he occasionally stands in for officers when they need time off, and regularly checks in with staff on duty as an assistant controller at Premier Security Co-operative.

“As a senior, I’ve seen a lot and learnt to talk to people in a diplomatic way. In this job, you need to reject a lot of people who don’t like to be told ‘no’,” said Mr Yusof, who has to pass a test to renew his security licence and complete a medical review every five years.

The work is getting tougher. Colleagues tell him of how people flare up at them when they are denied entry to locations due to Covid-19 restrictions, especially at shopping malls.

“It is very challenging but I tell them to be patient and remember not to compromise security,” said Mr Yusof, who has considered retirement several times at the request of his family, but found himself returning, eager to work.

Mr Yusof, who lives with his 59-year-old wife and has two great-grandchildren, said: “I love the job, talking to people, making friends. This is a way to use my time.”

The Straits Times

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